WHAT – Senserie is a customer experience management platform / HOW – experiential touchpoint for consumer products / RESULT – increased sales and brand engagement

Senserie is a web application designed to enhance a products customer experience, especially, physical products sold on retail shelves in stores.  Senserie turns any product into a personalized digital touch point designed to enhance the customer connection and drive sales and engagement to your brand. Senserie connects your most important content to our Digital Transportation Software enabling customers who engage with your product to digitally transport to your location. These products can be wine from Italy, Whiskey from Scotland, craft beer from Portland, coffee from Columbia, sustainable foods from local farms, cheese from France, water from the Rocky Mountains, olive oil from Spain, Tinned Salmon from Alaska, You get it, the list is endless!

So if your product has a story, and your products location is integral to that story, then Senserie is a powerful marketing tool. It has been designed to be simple and efficient. One scan of the QR code on your product from your customers mobile phone will launch the senserie experience. No downloading of an app or signing up is required. Our core value as a business, is to put everything into developing a seamless digital experience for your customers. The best way to explain is to demonstrate with this Senserie wine example, imagine you have just poured yourself a glass of wine, or are looking at wines on the shelf at your local wine store, and you scan the QR code on the wine bottle. Please scan the QR code or click the image!

Any customer that scans the QR code on the product gets transported from their current location to the products location triggering the video content in one seamless experience. This greatly increase your customers focus and attention towards your message and personalizes it individually for every person that engages with it on the product. 

Once the customer has interacted with the digital experience, Senserie has included a private white label marketing page for each experience created for your products, that you can customize to meet your brand needs, add additional video content, change and upload new content in real time and add call to actions to drive customer conversions. 

To get started with Senserie simply hit the sign up in the top right on the website, watch the how to’s and other resources in the resource tab ……. or fill in the ‘scehdule a demo form’ on the website so we can set up a virtual call with to disucss your business needs and show you how to use our platform.

Products using Senserie increase brand loyalty and retention, as well as increase conversions for sales and followers. Let Senserie be the difference maker to your products and your marketing campaigns.

Reach out to support@senserie.com if you have any questions.

“With this digital transformation taking place in our traditional industry, being able to design and deliver a seamless customer experience is a challenge. Having access to Senserie has allowed us to design unique journeys to engage different audiences and allow the producer to tell the story of the people, places and practices behind the wines in our portfolio!”

Amada Horn – Breakthru Beverage Group, Toronto