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Broadcast your story from your products

Do you have a story to tell? Tell it with Senserie. The most personalized content experience.

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Replicate your sense of place digitally with Senserie.

Turn your product into a personalized customer touch point that improves customer acquisition and retention.

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Convert customers at Shelf

Stand out from the crowd. Be the difference on the shelf and give an authentic experience that converts customers to purchase and emotionally connects them to your brand.

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Build brand loyalty with customers who purchase your product. Increase retention and future purchase commitment from new and returning customers with Senserie's powerful story telling Digital Transportation Software.

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Own your customer journey

Create multiple Senserie experiences for multiple products

Monitor performance, update your products content in real time and manage all your experiences in one place.

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Digital Transportation Software

Digitally transport your customers to your story and location. Every customer gets a personalised experience.

Digital Transportation Portal

Each Senserie experience created for your products has its own individual landing page.

2-Click Activation

The camera app is all that is needed to launch your products experience. No app or complicated activation required.

Branded QR Code Generator

Design customized QR codes for your experiences.

Call To Action Links

Drive traffic after experience. Add links to social sites, competitions, web forms etc.

Unlimited Experiences Included

Create as many Senserie experiences as you like.

Dynamic System

Ability to upload and change content in real time for your products.

Video is King

Upload additional video to your products Senserie experience free of charge.

Portal of Advertisement on your Product

Think of the QR code as a window into your world. Change the content in real time depending on the season, holiday, or whatever message you want to highlight that given day.


Only pay for what you use (Prices in CAD)

0 - 100

$0.1 per scan

100 - 1k

$0.07 per scan

1k - 10k

$0.05 per scan

10k - 50k

$0.02 per scan

50k - 100k

$0.01 per scan


< $0.01 per scan

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Yes, you can create as many experiences as you like for no additional fee.
No, you can change the content that your QR code and Senserie experience shows at any time. Simply upload a different piece of content in the dashboard. That QR code on that product will now display your new content.
QR codes are just one solution to activating the Senserie Experience. We recommend them due to their efficiency of getting your users to your content. They can be printed and placed onto a physical product for near zero cost. The Senserie experiences built are activated via a link. Those links can be displayed as a QR code which makes it efficient for anyone with a phone to access the experience. Also, if you have a physical product the QR code is the best way to represent something digital on it. Remember it is a link, so you can get as creative as you want in terms of showcasing your Senserie experiences. You could even attach the experiences to a NFC tag.
There is currently no monthly fee. While we may change our business model in the future, we currently only charge you if your experience is activated by one of your customers. You pay for what you use.
We have partnered with Stripe payments. They direct debit your account at the end of the month or if your reach has exceeded $500 dollars before the month is up. Senserie does not store or keep any of our customers payment details.
Yes you can. You can set a budget and when that budget has been hit, the software will automatically pause the experience. You can also manually pause the experience at any time. If you pause the experience the software will redirect the QR code to your chosen URL. This ensures no customer is left scanning a QR code that takes them to a ‘page not available’ site.
Yes and no. The customer will unfortunately not receive the zoom out animation from their personal location, but the software will still zoom into the products location via a different animation. This still greatly enhances and adds the location context to the content and experience.


I use the Senserie software on my business cards and other print media. I love how I can attach my property videos to the software allowing my potential buyers to be ‘digitally transported’ to their future new home. It really adds to their experience and gives them an overview of the surrounding area.

Erich Binner
Erich Binner Real Estate Group

With this digital transformation taking place in our traditional industry, being able to design and deliver a seamless customer experience is a challenge. Having access to Senserie has allowed us to design unique journeys to engage different audiences and allow the producer to tell the story of the people, places and practices behind the wines in our portfolio!

Amanda Horn
National Portfolio Manager, Canada

Our most recent project, using the Senserie Digital Transportation Portal, has been a game changer in our digital marketing strategy, and has helped drive our sales leads up immensely. We look-forward to continue to grow our digital marketing strategy, and wouldn’t want anyone else helping us along the way.

Karli Paterson
Owner - Jumping Pound Ranch

The dinner was fantastic. Before it began, people were clicking on the QR code letting me know that they just took a trip to Italy. They LOVED it. It’s an amazing tool that I can’t wait to work with again 😊

Nathalie Mulder
Key Account Manager – Wines & Craft Spirits: Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba